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Welcome to HealthDox!

HealthDox specializes in developing reliable, high-quality products for the Healthcare IT industry  that cover  broad range of Healthcare Document Management needs. Our solutions offer significant savings in development, maintenance and licensing costs, with flexible purchase plans to meet your budget and structural needs.


Our Products can be installed as individual solutions, or combined to make a powerful integrated suite of document management. Our solutions can help you effectively handle Policy and Procedures Management, Contract Management, , Incident Tracking and Corrective Actions, Physician Orders,Management, Risk Assessment and Risk Management, Performance Monitoring, Document Review, Audit Preparations, and many other tasks that Healthcare Professionals and Administrators face on a daily basis. HealthDox solutions can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs along the way—and maybe help you sleep better at night knowing you are supported with secure, robust, efficient Document Management systems. That's a win-win situation for everyone.

Please see the Solutions page for an overview of our products, or click on the individual product pages for more details. Or simply Contact Us today, and start your organization on the path to document-management peace of mind.

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