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Company Overview

HealthDox (formerly Indidge Systems) was founded in 1999 in Tempe, Arizona with a simple mission—to provide high quality document management applications to the healthcare industry. We have succeeded in that goal, by delivering excellent solutions for healthcare document management. These solutions are in use in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Our emphasis on the healthcare industry and understanding of their unique needs have allowed us to design systems that are not only effective and secure, but are also customizable and easy-to-use.  

Value-based Partnerships

To keep our products technologically strong, robust and easy-to-use, we maintain valued partnerships with some of the best companies in the IT field. Our partnerships include Microsoft and Cisco Systems, two of the leading companies in information technology software, hardware and services. We also have partnerships with Sandesh Data Systems, a provider of high quality IT functions to the medical field as well as business, governmental and educational organizations; and ACADZ, specialists in efficiency solutions for complex situations like the dynamic and sometimes chaotic hospital environment. 

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on customer communication, from our 7-step collaborative implementation to our continuous improvement programs based on customer feedback. We also provide regular Webinars to cover issues in healthcare, and can schedule Webinars on request to address any specific document management issues. 

Since our founding, we have established a track record for smooth operation and excellent, cost-effective results in hospitals and other health-care facilities throughout the United States. Please review our product selection and features, and contact us for a demonstration of any, or all, of our fine document management applications.

Customer Testimonials

  • "...I was the Policies and Procedures Coordinator of a Medical Center in Glendale, California. As we were just finishing converting......into a manageable 3,500 electronic policies and procedures...our longer going to deliver our Policies and Procedures via Lotus Notes...IdTracks Doc had all the features we needed, they were also the most cost effective......" 

  • "HealthDox Policy and Procedure Management System offered features that we did not see from other vendors. The technology coupled with their attention and customer service were the driving forces that made the difference for us."

  • "We were close to purchasing a system from another vendor when HealthDox presented their Hospital Policy and Procedure Management System. Once we saw IdTracks-Docs it was evident to us it was the only choice for us. The functionality seemed to be very intuitive and the features were clearly step ahead of their competitors."

  • "With their track record and with the options they provided for us, it became obvious that HealthDox not only offered the best products and services, but their reputation with their provider client base proved invaluable in our decision. We evaluated the top policy and procedure management vendors and HealthDox was the clear choice for Methodist Hospital."