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Contract management in healthcare is challenging to all organizations. Small primary care facilities may be too understaffed to handle the number and wide variety of contracts. Large multi-hospital systems may have levels of bureaucracy or isolation that allow important contracts to fall through the cracks. Cercare is the comprehensive enterprise contract management system from HealthDox that bridges these gaps and keeps healthcare organizations from missing important contractual obligations.

Cercare handles all varieties of contracts, from purchasing contracts to employment contracts to service contracts, and does it all through a user-friendly interface. Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software allows you to scan in paper contracts for easy integration of legacy contracts.  Integration with your existing e-mail makes for easy installation, and avoids parallel systems and duplicate training.  Internal fax capability eliminates the need to print, scan, and send multiple documents.  

Existing Contracts

For existing contracts, Cercare's secure archiving capability keeps your documents readily available to those who need access and safe from those who don't. Cercare features a fast search capability to retrieve and review important contracts, and the ability to attach all important contract notes for comprehensive review. Alerts can be scheduled to keep expiring contracts from going unattended.

New or Reviewed Contracts

For new contracts, or contracts under review or renewal, our customized contract workflow allows you to make sure all groups are aware of the status of important contracts. Status tracking quickly identifies any stalled contracts or bottlenecks, and prevents the classic trap of several departments waiting on each other to take action. You can customize notifications and escalate actions as needed to keep contracts moving forward. In all cases, contract amendments or additions can be easily incorporated, with notifications to all of the affected parties.

Reporting and Monitoring Tools

Cercare also features an easy-to-use administrative dashboard and analytical reporting tailored to your needs. Combine text and charts to provide the clearest message to your targeted groups. You can also analyze contract related costs, contract cycle times, and other metrics that allow you to decrease risk and maintain high-quality operations. Customized output can help you report these accomplishments through the entire organization.

Regardless of the size of your organization, Cercare is the best choice to handle your contract management needs. We feature a 7-step collaborative implementation process and outstanding customer support to ensure a smooth transition from your existing system.

Please Contact us to schedule a demonstration in your facility, and let us introduce you to a new level of contract management simplicity.

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