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The Physician Orders Management Application (POMA) was created to manage the standing orders from physicians, and assist in integrating them into a patient's overall medical records. Paper medical records and charts can quickly become cumbersome and expensive to maintain and control.  A solid electronic medical records system such as POMA streamlines the patient care process, and creates a standardized system that caregivers, administration, and support staff can all follow.  Confusion is eliminated, errors are minimized, efficiency is increased, and costs are controlled.


As with all of the HealthDox system solutions, POMA features an easy-to-use interface, fast and efficient searching capability, and the ability to customize to your specific record management and storage needs.  All treatments, medication instructions, and delegated tasks are recorded and stored electronically, eliminating legibility concerns and serving as a double-check against medication errors. POMA has several features to assist physician efficiency, such as standardized templates and pre-population of patient data, online form fill and automated charting, and portability through tablets and other wireless devices. To maintain consistency of care, physicians are notified about changes to existing orders and any deletion or addition of orders. These features allow physicians to spend less time on mundane and distracting tasks, and spend more time on the important issue—quality care for all patients.


POMA can manage corresponding documents as well as physician orders—items such as consent forms, evidence documents, and procedures. POMA can integrate with, and export to, other applications as needed to provide comprehensive, reviewable records and allow seamless transfer between care providers within a hospital system. For regular system verification, POMA can schedule physician and nursing committee reviews and send corresponding reminders.


Secure access is an integral part of POMA. Administrative functions are restricted to a single system administrator. Enhanced security features maintain your records within regulatory standards, and allow for stand-alone or integrated authorization (as well as by physician specialty).

POMA is a powerful tool for maintaining a smooth and error-free healthcare entity. If you are a CMIO or similar healthcare executive looking to streamline your management of physician orders, contact us for a demonstration of how you can put the power of POMA to work for you.

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