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It's always been important for a health care organization to have clearly documented policies and procedures, and to properly manage those documents. Confusion can produce inefficiency and mistakes. Outdated or incorrect versions can result in negative incidents, and potentially expose the organization to legal action and/or loss of accreditation. In the current regulatory environment, it's more important than ever to have a robust, easy-to-use healthcare software system for policy and procedure management. HealthDox offers IdTracks-Docs, a Policy and Procedure Management System specifically tailored for the needs of the healthcare industry.

IdTracks-Docs provides an effective way to control your policy and procedure documents through these features: 


Ease of Installation

Our team of Quality and Compliance experts will work with you to determine your specific integration needs, and tailor the system to your requirements. New and existing policies and procedures are smoothly blended into IdTracks-Docs to minimize disruption. We are also readily available for help—featuring weekly meetings with customers to address any issues. Many happy customers throughout the healthcare industry can attest to our collaborative 7-step implementation program and excellent support. We believe in continuous improvement, and welcome customer feedback. 

Ease of Use

IdTracks-Docs features an easy-to-use interface through Microsoft Word, convenient linking capabilities, single-click document tracking, electronic signature and iPad interface capabilities, and collaboration with your existing e-mail system to avoid the need for parallel systems. The fast and versatile search capability improves overall efficiency. Similar procedures may be grouped to allow for comprehensive context-based manuals. Reviews and updates are simplified through automatic notifications, online multi-level review capability, and the ability to download procedures and review them around your busy schedule.

Healthcare Centricity 

The IdTracks-Docs system is based solely on the unique tracking, documentation, and security needs of the healthcare environment. It includes a sample policy base and standard references from accrediting organizations and reference groups such as CMS, DNV, and Joint Commission. Specific quizzes and competency testing can verify that your staff is up-to-date on policies and procedures.

Robust and Secure Document Control

IdTracks-Docs uses role-based security to control authorization and prevent inadvertent changes. The archiving and document control capability, administrative dashboards and useful management reports make system management simple. Meet your entire regulatory, incident tracking, and reviewing requirements with ease. Options are available for SAS models and internal hosting for further internal IT control.


Stay in compliance and serve your patients more effectively with the help of IdTracks-Docs. Contact us today to set up a demonstration of how our system can help your healthcare organization run smoothly and provide you with peace of mind.

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