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Risk managers in the healthcare environment can be easily overwhelmed with information. Without a comprehensive system for incident tracking, recording, and correction, a risk manager can be bogged down and never achieve the overall view needed to drive successful continuous improvement and quality programs. RMS (Risk Management System) is designed to help risk managers acquire, control, organize and analyze all the information they need to make quality decisions and provide outstanding patient safety.

Incident Reporting

RMS features an easy-to-use interface that allows for electronic input from physicians, nurses, and all other authorized employees. Online forms allow incident reporting from any location in the facility. Anonymous reporting capability is included. Timestamps maintain a reviewable record of events. Administrators can verify incidents and attach all supporting documents, pictures, and notes to incident reports with ease. 

Once incident reports are submitted, RMS can interface with the hospitals' ADT system to link incidents to patients and retrieve any necessary data from the hospital system through a HL7 interface. Active directory integration supplies employee information relevant to the incident. This provides an overall view of the patient experience for performing a root cause analysis and preventing further incidents. 

Incident reports can be classified by department or other categories, and reporting templates can be customized for each of those classifications. This removes extraneous information and streamlines review processes.


Risk managers can use the tools in the RMS application to handle all their necessary tasks with ease—perform root cause and failure analysis, initiate and track corrective actions, spot incident trends, perform audits and track overall performance. Alerts and notifications keep all parties informed and keep efforts running smoothly. When integrated with a Policies and Procedures system such as idTracks-Docs, RMS provides a powerful platform for continuous improvement efforts.

Other Features

Among the other features of RMS are role-based securities to maintain confidentiality and limit access as needed, easy-to-use administrative dashboards, secure document histories, standard reporting templates for regulatory agencies and output templates in Word© and Excel© to produce informative reports. RMS can also provide non-confidential stripped-down incident information for guidance and training.

Risk management is difficult, but the RMS application from HealthDox makes it as easy as possible. Contact us today for a demonstration of RMS—a risk management system that you can feel confident in. 

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