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As regulations by government and agencies are becoming more stringent, document management automation at hospitals and healthcare organizations is becoming more necessary. Simple content and document technologies without healthcare specific functionality are simply not enough to meet today's challenges. Healthcare document management needs to be dynamic and customizable toward the patient’s needs.

Most hospitals face the challenge in managing polices, procedures, contracts and physician orders because of the fragmented organizational structures. These separate entities each have their own separate agendas and priorities, thus making standardization quite difficult. Furthermore, the responsibility of document management tasks is absorbed by multiple resources and not easily tracked. As a net result, the time spent on these tasks is usually not discretely tracked and results in huge cost and low efficiency in many healthcare organizations.

The best hospitals understand the strategic criticality of managing these documents. The best in class drive the goal of managing compliance efficiently throughout the hospital by ensuring that all departments are proficient in understanding the hospital’s goals. The hospital’s goals serve as an umbrella that all departments function under; by having this structure, changes are sent down the ranks and documents are managed effectively.

Since 1999, HealthDox has offered solutions to manage quality, performance, compliance and risk at healthcare organizations. Featuring award-winning services that are used by many hospitals across the country, Healthdox provides you with a efficient solutions to manage your healthcare documents.

HealthDox Products

HealthDox offers a suite of products that cover a broad range of Healthcare Document Management needs. These products may be installed as individual solutions, or combined to make a powerful integrated suite of document management. All of our products feature user-friendly interfaces, fast searching options, intuitive operation, and impeccable document security. Whether you are acruiring a single product or the entire suite, we offer a collaborative 7-step implementation process, customization to fit your needs, and outstanding product support. Our solutions offer significant savings in development, maintenance and licensing costs, with flexible purchase plans to meet your budget and structural needs.

HealthDox Difference

Dedicated Development

Dedicated Development Teams

We build dedicated development teams with support technicians capable of creating substantial savings in development and maintenance costs while giving you the highest standard of customer support.  HealthDox brings decades of combined experience in product development through continued research, customer needs, and facility suggestions.  Simply put, we listen to you and respond to your needs!

Test Driven Methodology

Development Methodology

HealthDox follows test-driven methodology, an evolutionary approach to development which combines thorough testing and revisions throughout the development process.  Our methodology enables us to write clean code that works.  Our 7-step collaborative implementation process never ceases to seek out quality initiatives and methods to provide you with an outstanding product.

Dedicated Support

Support Methodology

HealthDox offers enterprise support solutions to our customers.  We are fully committed to the success of your organization with our open-source products.  Our dedicated help desk team is available to support your HealthDox systems; we and takes pride in developing high quality, reliable products for the healthcare IT industry.  When you need assistance with any of our products, we openly invite you to contact our help desk team that will assist with, clarify, and review your concerns and give you a quick resolution.

 Contact us today, and start your organization on the path to Document Management peace of mind.