INCIDENT Management

Although incidents are bound to happen with any company, it is extremely crucial to have a way of dealing with those incidents that do arise. It is important for a company to let their clients know that they are aware of the issue and that they are taking the steps to fix it. That Is why regulatory compliance is an important outline for the goals of any business or company. HealthDox works to provide a robust incident management system that can identify and resolve such incidents in time, while providing sufficient insights to ensure that the incident does not reoccur. With it’s graphical executive dashboards and flexible report system, HealthDox uses its integrated risk management solution to customize itself to fit the needs of each individual business.

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Online Incident Reporting Forms

Can submit incidents as well as report online from anywhere in the hospital.

Patient Feedback

Patient receives survey to give feedback.

Root-cause Analysis

Preventative measures are taken in order to prevent incidents due to a lack of quality care.

Corrective Action Plans

Plan to solve the problem so it won’t happen again.


For every incident, there will be an attachment of picture or forms, as well as a place where you can add your own notes.

Performance Dashboard

Important information is easily visible in the dashboard through the form of a chart or graph.