November 2020 Newsletter


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November 2020
Doctors and nurses want more data before championing vaccines to end the pandemic
Doctors and nurses, coping with the daily risk of coronavirus exposure, are expected to get top priority to receive vaccines that could become available as soon as next month. But it’s an open question how many will seize their place at the front of the line.
Large health systems, medical societies and the federal government are launching an effort to persuade front-line health-care providers to take novel vaccines that were developed, and are likely to be granted emergency approval, in record time.
Hospitals Urge America to ‘Mask Up’ to Fight COVID-19 Surge
America is currently breaking records when it comes to COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. And those skyrocketing numbers are pushing hospitals to the breaking point.
Because of the rising flood of incoming patients, some hospitals — such as those in North Dakota and Wisconsin — have been coping with crippling staff shortages and personnel who are burning out.
“Many healthcare workers are becoming ill physically, emotionally, and mentally,” says Alan Taege, MD, an infectious-diseases specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, where the number of patients with the coronavirus has doubled since a July surge.
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