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The HealthDox suite of integrated solutions serve all aspects of managing policies, Compliance, Risk Management, quality, and performance improvement.  Our flexible licensing model makes our solution affordable to small, medium and large organizations. Our solution allows growth as your organization grows and/or add additional functionality.


HealthDox offers IdTracks-Docs, a Policy and Procedure Management System specifically tailored for the needs of the healthcare industry.

Contract management

Cercare is the user-friendly enterprise contract management system from HealthDox that can effectively manage all your contracts—service, procurement

risk management

Healthcare risk managers are often swamped with information, but in today’s regulatory environment, it is vital to stay in control.


The quality management system offered by HealthDox will streamline your business’ process and increase efficiency with our easy-to-use software.


HIPAA requires all healthcare entities, from small provider groups to large health systems to continuously assess risks and vulnerabilities to their data and develop a plan for reducing the risk of a data breach


Companies want the best for their clients, but with so many diverse activities going on within a company, it can often be difficult to manage


Although incidents are bound to happen with any company, it is extremely crucial to have a way of dealing with those incidents that do arise.


HealthDox compliance management helps to ensure the organization is meeting compliance requirements by enabling audit management. Audits are scheduled periodically

HEALTHDOX advantages

From Compliance Managers to CMIO’s, from Risk Managers to CFO’s, Healthcare Professionals and Administrators have chosen HealthDox products for their facilities and have been rewarded with smooth installations and efficient, cost-effective performance.

Healthcare Focus

HealthDox products are tailored for the medical field, including regulatory report templates, standard references, and industry-specific quiz and survey features. Our focus on health care and ability to customize ensures that you receive all the features you need.


All of the HealthDox products are designed for easy and intuitive use. If people are intimidated or confused by a document management system, it doesn’t matter how good it is—it won’t be effective. HealthDox applications also feature fast, Google-style search engines, and superior grouping and document-linking capabilities


We combine cutting-edge information technology with focused development teams and test-driven methodology to produce highly reliable systems. As a result, our products are easy to install, reliable to operate, and simple to customize.


Role-based security allows you to strictly and securely manage document access. Our comprehensive tracking functions and notification options make sure that no action items will fall through the cracks. Enjoy the security of fully protected documents and assurance that all action items will be promptly addressed.



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