Compliance Management

HealthDox compliance management helps to ensure the organization is meeting compliance requirements by enabling audit management. Audits are scheduled periodically and board-approved directives are implemented in a timely manner. Some of the many benefits of using this system include a comprehensive solution that enables simplified management of a wide range of internal and external audits. Not only does it support audit planning, scheduling, audit execution, but it also generates audit reports, and provides tools to monitor, review and analyze audit findings.

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Manage Audit Schedule 

Perform audits based on regulatory standards.

Root-cause Analysis 

Perform root-cause analysis on your audit findings.

Corrective Action Plans 

Corrective action plans to efficiently fix audit findings in time.

Record Audit Findings 

Record, monitor and track audit findings in relation to standards

Alerts & Notifications 

Automated alerts and notifications delivered directly to your email.

Analytical Dashboards 

Graphical reports for easy decision making and prioritization.


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